What is ezhome?

ezhome is a new kind of home services company that takes care of your important household tasks while using technology to improve your experience.

We provide essential services for your home and yard, including lawn care, fence replacement, landscape design and more!

Our services are offered at great prices, and we stand behind the quality of our work. We’ll always work to make things right if you’re ever unhappy with your service.

Lawn Mowing Service
Conventional Weed Spraying
Power Hedging
Frequency and Scheduling Questions
Day Time Restrictions
Pricing Questions
Other frequently asked questions

Lawn Mowing Service


We will edge and mow your front and back yard lawn and then blow clean the hardscape of your yard. We will bag the clippings and put them together with all other yard waste in your green bin. You’ll receive a notification with what we did and when we did it, and you’ll be able to manage the service via your online account. No more stake-outs to get to see and talk to your elusive gardener!

What is included in the service?

This service includes mowing your lawn, edging the lawn’s perimeter, bagging the clippings into your green/yard waste bin, and subsequently blowing any leftover clippings from the concrete onto the lawn. We’ll cover all areas of your lot that have a lawn, including your front and your back yard (if it is unlocked) and any lawn along the sidewalk of your property.

We’ll use the blower to clear debris off all your hardscape, including driveway, patios and pathways covered with rocks, bricks, or pavers, both in your front yard as well as in your backyard. Our blowing service only includes blowing your concrete areas, however we may blow debris as time allows from low vegetation soft areas (dirt, gravel, mulched areas). All resulting debris will be put in your green bin.

What is excluded from the service?

This service excludes thorough raking, blowing of softscape areas with high vegetation (planting beds, shrubs), and excludes any plant care. If the majority of yard is covered by mulch, we will opt to leave debris there rather than blowing away your mulch. The service also excludes checking your sprinklers or fertilizing the lawn or planters. Please check your account for additional available services.

Who is your lawn mowing service recommended for?

The ezhome lawn mowing service is perfect if you have a simple yard (mostly lawn and hardscape, fewer plants). We’re a great fit if you value convenience, reliability, and ease of use over customization, and you prefer to manage your service online vs in person.

How do I communicate specific preferences on how the tasks are performed?

If you believe that your yard has unique needs, our service may not be right for you. We put significant effort into training our gardeners to deliver services “our way.” This guarantees consistent service delivery week after week, gardener after gardener. We train our gardeners to mow in a specific way, where to spray, and what to hedge. If you want tight control of exactly what your gardener does, you may want to find a dedicated gardener that you train yourself to keep your garden exactly the way you want.

What if my yard wasn’t serviced for a while?

If your property has not been serviced for a while, we may require an extra cleanup service before your regular mowing service can start. Cleanups are 1-3 hours and priced at $60/hour. We’ll notify you if your home requires a cleanup. If your home requires more than 3 hours of cleanup we may not be able to service you.

Cleanups include cutting tall grass, edging, blowing, and weed whacking (except for highly vegetated areas). The cleanup service does not include hedging, pruning, deadheading, hand weeding, spraying. We will place all debris in your green bin. We will tarp any excess debris and leave it next to your green bin.

How well are your gardeners trained to mow?

Even though the majority of our employees have had years of experience in the landscaping industry, we retrain our gardeners to ensure that a common set of best practices are being followed. A few of the topics that we cover include how to mow wet or sloped or dry lawn, replace broken sprinklers, edge in a straight line and safety precautions.  

What if my sprinklers are broken during mowing?

If we break any sprinklers and notice it, we will try to immediately replace it and notify you. If you are confident that our gardener broke a lawn sprinkler and did not notice it – you can leave a Read First  for the Gardener and he can fix it in the next visit.

Who is responsible to manage the lawn sprinklers?

We will happily mow and edge your care, but adjusting the timer controls as needed and the health of your irrigation system remains with you, since we don’t want to risk using settings you will not like. If you want to outsource irrigation, visit ezhome.com for irrigation services (checks, repairs, seasonal adjustments and more).

Will the gardener help me improve an unhealthy lawn?

Our gardeners are trained to report unhealthy lawns and irrigation problems to you via your account. Depending on what is happening, we offer several services that could help you improve your lawn (see [What products do you recommend to complement this service] ). Also, check out our blog for advice from our expert gardeners on how to keep your lawn healthy!

Will the gardener edge around the sprinklers?

Our gardeners are trained to maintain your lawn as is. If a sprinkler is already having a clearing, we are instructing the gardener to use the trimmer to clear the space around it and maintain the clearing over time. If a sprinkler is covered by lawn around it, we will assume that is your preference and not clear the area around it.

Do you mulch the clippings on the lawn?

We do not mulch clippings. During the growth season the lawn grows a lot between mowings.  To avoid burying the lawn in clippings, we instruct our gardeners to always bag the clippings and empty the bag into your green bin.

What frequency do you recommend for this service?

We offer both weekly and biweekly frequency.  How often should you mow is a matter of personal preference. The majority of our customers choose the biweekly service, but those who want a better-trimmed look pick the weekly option.

Conventional Weed Spraying


We’ll spray conventional herbicide on all hardscape areas where weeds can grow. This includes all pavers, concrete cracks, your driveway, and surrounding driveway and sidewalk areas. We will also spray areas that are mulched or covered with landscaping rocks.

What is included with the service, and what is not?

We’ll spray conventional herbicide on all hardscape areas where weeds can grow. This includes all pavers, concrete cracks, your driveway, and surrounding driveway and sidewalk areas. We will also spray areas that are mulched or covered with landscaping rocks. We will weed whack tall weeds and pick up dead weeds before spraying.

A weed for some customers is a beautiful flowery plant for others. For this reason, we are training our gardeners to focus on the hardscape or low vegetation areas where it is more obvious what needs to be sprayed and what does not, and to avoid damaging any of your plants. We will not weed your lawn, vegetable garden or planter areas.

Does this service include hand weeding?

This service only includes spraying for weeds and removal of tall weeds, it does not include hand weeding. In your account, you may purchase one time cleanups focused on hand weeding as needed.

What is the chemical you are using? Is it harmful to humans or pets?

We use plain Roundup, the same Roundup that you can buy yourself from Home Depot. The Roundup we use kills the plants that it touches. It doesn’t have a long-term effect on the soil, which means that you can always decide to plant an area that has been treated before. (Note: there are Roundup-label products that do leave a long-term impact. We are not using those.) The chemical used in Roundup (glyphosate) is one of the most common herbicides used by the farming industry. So, most fruits & vegetables you buy at the supermarket are coming from fields that have been treated with that same chemical.

For how long do I need to keep my pets or kids off the yard after you spray?

You’ll receive a notification after every spray visit to make sure that you know when we sprayed your yard. According to the Roundup label, Roundup poses no health danger to pets. You should be safe to let your children and pets play in your treated yard as soon as the Roundup dries, which takes as little as 30 minutes. However, we usually advise kids and pets to stay away for the yard for 2-3 hours after spraying.

Will you remove all the weeds from my yard?

We strongly recommend to all our customers a regular weed spraying to keep their yard clean of weeds. If your yard is clean from weeds, such a service will help keep it that way.  However, do keep in mind that our weed spray service is what it actually says: a spraying service, not a weeding/cleanup visit. New customers that have lots of weeds should order a weed cleanup service and coordinate it with beginning the spraying service to get the best effect.

Power Hedging


We’ll trim your hedges and shrubs using a power hedge trimmer, and subsequently, spray the bushes with a growth regulator. The growth regulator spray seals the cuts of the bush, delaying growth from that area. The result is more uniform growth that keeps the original shape for ~12 weeks depending on the bush and weather conditions. All debris will be cleaned up and put in your green bin. We’ll handle hedges up to 6 feet tall. We will be using a power hedger only so this service will shape bushes that can be addressed with a hedge trimmer. If you need manual shaping, consider ordering our winter pruning service or one of our tree services.

What is included with the service, and what is not?

We will trim your hedges using power hedge trimmers, bringing back growth and maintaining their shape and height as needed. After we finish the trimming, we will clean up all the debris and put it in your green bin. Finally, we will spray the trimmed plants with Growth Regulator that slows shoot growth and promotes branching, giving shrubs and bushes a fuller, more compact uniform shape. Growth Regulator is pet-safe and reduces the necessary trimming frequency on plants.  This service excludes hand trimming, which you can purchase separately in your account.

What frequency do you recommend for this service?

A quarterly visit for the non-flowering shrubs/hedges in your yard is sufficient with use of the growth regulator.

What hedges and shrubs are covered in this service?

We train our gardeners to recognize which of your shrubs/hedges were power hedged in the past, as well as their prior height and shape. Their goal is to bring the shrubs back to that height and shape (assuming the hedges and shrubs have not become excessively overgrown). We use power hedge trimmers, so this service is not appropriate for someone who prefers a natural look from hand trimming. In addition, for the safety of our workforce, we don’t use ladders as part of this service. We cover only hedges that can be reached from standing on the ground — usually under 6 feet (depending on the height of the gardener).

Frequency and Scheduling Questions

How does your scheduling work?

We’ll schedule your regular service day automatically. Your service will normally be on the same day each week, but the time of day may vary.

Can I change my service frequency?

Yes! You can change your service frequency as needed, just keep in mind your lawn will continue growing. Your day of service might change, since we always look for the most efficient slot, to limit driving for our gardeners and keep on delivering great value to you. When making the change, specify your desired start date for the new frequency, to avoid missing or getting unwanted visits.

How quickly can I start?

By default, we look to start within the current or following week. Most customers get their first service within a couple days. You can also select a delayed start option at sign up (Start Service week of xx/xx/xx”) to have us start after that week.

Can I skip a visit?

Yes, you can skip a visit at no charge, by making the request in your account 48h in advance. Note though that if you have service every other week, your yard will not get service for 4 weeks.

Can I get an extra visit (e.g., before a special event)?

Yes, you can get an extra visit, typically less than a week from requesting it, at the same price as any other visit. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will resume service after the extra visit at the same frequency as before (i.e., if you have a plan with visits every other week, we will come approximately 2 weeks after the extra visit).

What if it rains or there is a holiday during the day of my visit?

We observe major holidays so our gardeners can enjoy these special days with their families.  We hope you will support our commitment to creating a quality workplace for our employees, just like we are committed to delivering a great service to you. If your mowing & blowing visit day is a holiday, you will be notified about the skipped visit.

On rain days, our crews will try to work, but mowing while the ground is wet may damage your lawn. If they determine they cannot service your home, you will be notified.

For both holidays and rain, we will plan to come back the following week and we will never charge you for visits we don’t do! For less frequent services (e.g., monthly or quarterly), we will shift the visit such that you get the expected number of visits throughout the year.

Day Time Restrictions

I live in San Jose and I don’t have a green bin. Can you arrange to come the day before the yard-waste pickup?

The city of San Jose offers green bins (yard trimmings carts) for less than $5/mo and that is our recommended option since it avoids unsightly piles of debris in front of your home. The bins come in three convenient sizes (32, 64 or 96 gallons), and the fee is paid with your property taxes so no need for additional work. You can read more about the green bin fees here and order one online or over the phone.

Can you come only when I am at home?  

We cannot guarantee that the gardener will come at a specific time, but you can use your online account to leave a “Read First” note for the gardener. We deliver great value to our customers by servicing homes in your neighborhood in the same day so the exact time of service may vary.

Can you avoid coming when my kids are sleeping?

We cannot guarantee that the gardener can avoid particular hours during the day. We deliver great value by making sure our gardeners spend time taking care of customers instead of driving. To be efficient, we service homes in your neighborhood at the same time, and cannot avoid particular times.

Can you avoid coming before 8 am or after 5 pm?

We start our service at 8 am, so you don’t have to worry about us coming earlier. Most days, our gardeners finish work before 5 pm, but on rare occasions, unexpected circumstances may result in a longer work day – particularly during the busy spring/summer months.

Can you come only at a specific time or on a specific day?

Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate specific time or day preferences — we try to service nearby homes on the same day so that we can keep prices low for you, and avoid driving around your neighborhood multiple times each week. Typical service hours are M – F, 8 am – 5 pm.

Pricing Questions

How do you calculate my price?

Your price is calculated automatically based on the lot size of your property.

How can I pay for my service?

Payment is done online via credit card and we don’t accept paper checks. Your card on file will be charged automatically after each visit. There’s no contract, and you can cancel at any time.

How do you keep your prices low? Will my price change?

Our standard prices are low because one of our core values is to maximize the value we bring to our customers, and the benefits we provide to our workforce. By operating efficiently, we get economies of density and economies of scale that we pass on to our customers. Over time there may be occasional small adjustments if there are increases in local costs (e.g. fuel, wages). We’ll notify you ahead of time if any price adjustments are needed.

Am I getting a better deal than my neighbor? How come my neighbor has a better deal with a larger lot?

Unlike the typical yard service, our prices are objective, transparent and fair. Our prices reflect local labor rates, local ordinances, as well as lot size and other publically available data for your home.  

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, there is no contract and you can cancel at any time. Keep in mind that your yard will deteriorate without proper care. For example, if you stop “Weed Spray” you may need to pay for an expensive cleanup later before you restart it.

How does billing work?

You will only be billed after each visit.

Other frequently asked questions

Will I have the same gardener each visit?

Our company commits to deliver uninterrupted service no-matter what happens with the personal life of the gardener (e.g., sickness, vacation, career change). As such, we cannot guarantee the same gardener every visit, but we do guarantee gardeners with the same quality of training and equipment.

Can the gardener scoop up debris from my pool?

Our gardeners are trained to avoid blowing or trimming debris into the pool. For safety reasons, we advise our personnel to avoid scooping up leaves from pools. In the rare case when debris accidentally lands there, you will be notified.

How do I communicate specific preferences on tasks?

To guarantee consistent service delivery week after week, gardener after gardener, we put significant effort into training our gardeners to deliver services “our way.” If your yard has unique needs, you may want to find a dedicated gardener that you train directly.

What can I add in the “Read First” notes?

You can use the “Read first” notes to provide any special access information or temporary changes to your yard. There is no need to add any instructions about the service itself, which will be performed according to the prescribed way we train our personnel. We will let you know if we need to remove notes which are outside the service scope (e.g., hand trimming plants, watering pots, pick-up yard waste, tidying furniture etc.).

“Read First” examples:

  • The side gate door needs to be pushed up in order to close
  • Avoid the sprinklers in the middle of the back lawn when mowing because they stick out
  • Please do not mow the back lawn next week as we are planting new sod.

Can I add custom tasks for my Gardener?

We offer only services that we can train our gardeners to execute in a consistent, affordable and timely manner.  We do not support custom tasks to avoid disappointing you or needing to charge additional fees.  

What if there is dog waste on the lawn?

We love dogs, but we have not figured out how to train our gardeners to pick up dog waste consistently. Hence, pick up dog waste is not a service we offer. Please ensure any dog waste is removed from your lawn before your visit so that your gardener can mow.

Can my pets be outside during service?

Your pets must be inside during our visits. As much as we love them, they can easily get scared by the equipment noise or our gardener’s presence, or even leave the yard as our gardener bring in equipment. For their safety and our gardeners’, if pets are in your yard we will not be able to service your property.

Can you use only battery-operated blower/mower/tools?

ezhome holds city licenses and follows all legal restrictions applicable in your city (electric equipment use, noise time and day, watering and spraying). We use standard gas-operated equipment in areas without restrictions. If your city has very strict regulations, we may not be able to service your area.

Can you call me/knock on the door before you start work?

You will be notified in advance prior to each visit, and you can use the “Read First” notes to give any additional information to your gardener. You should feel comfortable talking and interacting with your gardener on site, but if you need to communicate with the gardener every visit, our service may not be ideal for you.

Can you water my pots or vegetable beds?

Unfortunately, no. While we love well kept gardens, our weekly or bi-weekly visits are too infrequent to provide the needed amounts of water for your pots or vegetable beds. To avoid harming your plants, we have instructed our gardeners to decline such requests.

Can you pick up yard waste?

Unfortunately, no. We have picked up yard waste in the past, and have seen a high rate of injuries with gardeners trying to haul heavy loads on top of their vans. We recommend using your green bin to dispose of yard waste. If your green bin is full, we will use green bin friendly bags to collect the yard waste and leave it next to your green bin, so you can dispose of them over time, before your next visit.

Can you take before and after photos to show the work done?

We experimented with “before and after” photos, but found that most customers said they are unwilling to pay for the extra time required from gardeners to take the photos. We may bring this back in the future, if we see many customers ask for photos as an add-on service.