Team ezhome

ezhome is an innovative way to keep your home garden looking it’s best. We provide easy, reliable yard maintenance for customers in the Bay Area, Sacramento and now Orange County.

A Palo Alto based tech start up, we launched in San Jose in 2015 and have expanded quickly.

While garden maintenance is the core of what we do – lawn care, pruning, cleaning up, weeding – we also offer 50+ home services from roofing to interior painting to carpet cleaning – all available in The ezhome Store.

ezhome enables you to easily manage garden care and home services from the palm of your hand or online. Our customer iPhone app allows you to quickly check the status of your account, view photos from our last visit, and contact our support team.

Check us out at ezhome.com … if we’re not in your neighborhood yet, don’t despair, we will be soon.

Already a customer? Share the ezhome experience with your friends and neighbors. When someone you invited purchases a service from ezhome, you’ll each get $50 in credits. Invite (page requires customer login)