Fencing Made Easy

A fence provides privacy, security, and a safe place for kids or pets to play. In addition to the benefits you’ll feel while living in the house, it can also boost your home’s value. According to Realty Times, privacy wood fences “can net a profit of at least 50% of the material and installation costs on resale.”

It may be a big project, but there’s no reason for it to be difficult to navigate. At ezhome, we’ve done the hard work of researching great options and creating a process that’s easy on you.

A Great All-Around Fence

Fencing comes in a wide array of styles and materials. At ezhome, redwood is our go-to. It’s a popular choice all over the western US for it’s durability and classic good looks.

The natural oil and acidity of redwood makes it resistant to warping, rot, and insect infestation, which makes it easier to maintain over the life of the fence. The density of the wood and the tight grain makes it less likely to splinter and presents a unified look beneath a range of natural stains.

Additionally, redwood excels at managing the heat and moisture of its environment, allowing it to weather high temperatures without swelling as well as the constant moisture of coastal areas.

Roughsawn redwood keeps a bit of natural rustic charm and comes in two varieties: Con Common and Con Heart.

Con Common The most commonly used grade, it’s derived from the center and outside portion of the Redwood tree. Its natural color varies from light yellow to red.

Con Heart A premium option, heartwood is crafted from just the center of a Redwood tree, this wood is more consistently red in color and is also more resistant to termites.

Our standard fence is six feet tall, with the option of an additional foot of height from a decorative lattice top panel. Gates are four feet wide, and the number and placement are up to you.


Shared Benefit, Shared Cost

If the fence will run along the property line that you share with a neighbor, the installation could benefit both of you. First, broach the subject of the fence as a shared resource with your neighbor. If they agree that the fence offers them benefits too, that’s a good time to propose the idea of sharing costs.

We understand that entering financial agreements with friends and neighbors can be awkward, so we’ve set up a system to work directly with everyone involved using separate invoicing. That saves you the hassle of having to front all the money and then ask your neighbors for reimbursement.

We can work with you to issue a custom quote that’s broken down by square footage and gates, showing exactly who will owe what. If your neighbor has questions about the job or quote, we’re happy to discuss with them directly.


Refresh or Replace?fence IMG_0256 blog

When can you refresh your fence with a deep cleaning, stain, and sealant vs. when is it time to replace it?

Just like any other construction, your wood fence is out in the elements year after year. The inevitable wear of fading and discoloration can be counteracted with regular maintenance of washing and restaining.

If board are warped, severely splintered, or have been infested with bugs, it’s probably time to look at replacement.

Learn more about ezhome fencing options for Installation or Fence Cleaning and Restoration.



NEW Financing Available Installing a fence is a serious investment in your property. Ask us about our new financing options for all work totaling $3,500 or more, with six month interest-free and reduced rate APR options.


Give $50, Get $50 Got a friend or neighbor who could benefit from some help around their home and yard? Invite them to join ezhome. When someone you invited purchases a service from ezhome, you’ll each get $50 in credits.

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