Refresh — the Fourth “R” of Green Living

pressure wash 01
Pressure washing blasts away dirt, grime, moss and stains from paths, patios and other hardscape, and uses less water than you might think.

Reduce, reuse, recycle — it’s the slogan for living a more environmentally friendly life that even school kids know by heart. While it’s great advice for dealing with small everyday items, what about bigger things, like major features of your home and yard?

A well loved home gets its share of wear and tear. Surfaces get scuffed. Weather takes its toll. Yet in many instances, a professional deep cleaning can restore much of what you’re craving.

Before you decide to replace what you have, see what a refresh will do.

A few projects around your home can have it looking good as new, and regular maintenance can help keep it that way.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a great solution for concrete and stone surfaces that aren’t looking their best. It blasts away tough dirt, grime, moss and stains to leave your hardscape — like walkways, paths, patios and driveways — looking fresh and clean. Leaving the dirt where it is will actually lead to damage over time, making a more resource-intensive replacement necessary.

And pressure washing isn’t the water waster you might think it is. While a typical garden hose uses about eight gallons per minute, pressure washing can reduce water usage to only five gallons per minute.


Fence Cleaning and Restoration

window washing_8482 blog
Let light in, even from your hard to reach windows, with a professional cleaning.

Detailed cleaning and restoration can give a fence new life. Pressure washing first removes built-up dirt, grime, and moss. Then adding a sealant will protect the wood from rotting, which is especially helpful if your fence is exposed to a lot of sun and humidity. Because sealer is a preservative, it’ll dramatically increase the lifespan of your fence if applied every other year.

Window Cleaning

Even a simple window cleaning can brighten up your views and let in more natural light. And a thorough cleaning twice a year can help extend the life of your windows by removing dirt and grime that can corrode the surface.


A professional deep clean for carpets gets rid of built up dirt, dust, odors and pollen and removes stains. Hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished over and over again to last a lifetime.



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