Get Your Yard Summer-Ready for Outside Fun

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Whether you like to throw parties and show off your grilling skills, or just spend some time relaxing with family and friends, here’s a few things to take care of now to enjoy your yard all season.

Lawn refresh

If your lawn is dead, or has seen better days, and you want that lush green ideal to enjoy all summer, consider sod. Sod looks great instantly, but it needs a month to anchor itself fully for heavy traffic. So, if you want your kids to have the run of it come summer vacation, this is a good time to have it installed.

Pathways, patio, fence

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Pressure washing and a fresh stain and seal can have your fence looking good as new.

Blast away the mess of winter, and get your patio and paths summer-ready. Pressure washing removes dirt, moss and stains to have your hardscaping looking good as new.

After a wet and stormy winter, your fence may be in need of some maintenance. Check for loose posts, rotted boards, or other sections that may need repair or replacement. A cleaning, fresh staining and sealant will keep the wood in good condition and looking great.

Add mulch to protect your plants (and get a neat, put together look)

Mulch is a chem-free way to inhibit weeds, so the resources of water and sunlight go to the plants you want. It helps protect the soil from evaporation, so the water you give to your garden stays put longer. And a protective layer of mulch insulates your plants from extreme temperatures.

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Drip irrigation is over 30% more water efficient than sprinklers. ezhome can help you make the switch to drip.

Get water-wise

Make sure your lawn and planting beds are well irrigated for the season. In particular, you should look out for any dry areas, puddles, and leaks in your irrigation system. Or consider converting to drip irrigation for targeted areas, which is over 30% more efficient than sprinklers.


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