Mulch — the Little Garden Superhero

mulch shutterstock_429831499 copyHiding in plain sight like so many little Clark Kents, those mild-mannered bits of bark are the un-thanked eco-superheroes of the garden.

Got weeds? Big water bills? Shrubs and planters that look a mess?

This is a job for… Mulch.

Defeats invading weeds

Mulch keeps invading weeds at bay by denying their seeds access to sunshine. A good thick coating of mulch around your plantings allows what you want in your yard to flourish, while keeping out what you don’t.

Rescues moisturemulch shutterstock_424136419 copy

Mulch conserves valuable moisture in your soil. Not using any more water than necessary is a priority for the environment and household budgets, especially in the coming dry months. Mulch protects the water in your soil so less will be lost to evaporation, and it insulates the roots from extreme heat.

Aids soil quality

Made from bark and wood chips, mulch will decompose over time. But even after the mulch breaks down, its positive impact lives on by contributing nutrients to the soil. With every fresh layer of mulch, you’re making your yard a healthier place for plants to thrive.

Boosts curb appeal

When you look at a well-kept yard, you may not always notice the mulch itself, but you do notice how much nicer and neater everything looks. It’s a visual unifier, providing a color contrast with greenery and flowers and making them stand out even more.

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