Is it time to paint your house?

exterior shutterstock_567245236 copyPainting the exterior of your house is a big undertaking, and a big investment.

You can find professional estimates on when you should paint your home ranging from every four to every fifteen years — so how can you tell if the time to repaint your home has come?


exterior shutterstock_469454033 copy
Choosing the right paint is a big factor in how well it will wear. ezhome painting experts can help.

Exterior paint is exposed to the elements, and the elements break down your paint over time. Color is the first thing to go. All colors will bleach out in the sun, but with a darker color, you’ll see it sooner.

The sun can take an especially hard toll. You may find that south facing walls and doors need even more frequent painting than the rest of the house.



If it appears that the color has faded, but you get a white film on your hand when you touch the paint, that’s chalking. It’s a sign that your paint is chemically breaking down and not offering the full protection to your home, which could lead to bubbling and peeling of the paint before long.

That means it’s a good time to look into a paint job. The chalking needs to be thoroughly washed off your house before the new paint can be applied.

Bubbling and Peeling

When the paint is literally coming off by itself, your need for fresh paint is no longer in doubt. The wood or stucco underneath is then at risk for weather damage and rot, so you’ll want to get that seen to without delay. Even if you avoid damage, waiting until you hit this stage means that the amount of prep work needed — scraping, sanding, and priming — before the new paint job can begin will be extensive and drive up the cost.

exterior shutterstock_494762554 copyBoost Curb Appeal

In addition to protecting your home, a fresh coat of paint in an eye-catching color combination boosts curb appeal and adds value to your home.

Want to give your home a refresh? Request a free exterior painting quote from ezhome.


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