Secrets of a Lush Lawn — Aeration


Just like your car, your lawn needs periodic extra maintenance to keep it in shape. Aerating once or twice a year will increase the longevity of a healthy lawn. If your lawn is patchy, aeration can be key to bringing it back.

Since aeration is seasonal, ezhome offers this service only for a few weeks. This is the best time of the year to aerate and rejuvenate your lawn. For best results, we highly recommend an irrigation check along with your order.

What’s aeration?

Simply put, lawn aeration helps to supply water, air, and nutrients to the roots of the grass for a stronger and more vigorous lawn.

Over time, soil gets packed down, and when it does, the roots of your grass can’t get the nutrients they need. Aeration punctures a series of tiny holes in the soil, allowing air, water and nutrients to get down into the roots where it’s needed. Aeration also breaks up thatch, which is the collection of dead and living bits of grass that builds up just above the soil.

Does my lawn need aerating?

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ezhome aeration is available seasonally — from March into early April, and then again in October. Place your order.

All lawns can benefit from aeration once or twice a year. If your yard gets a lot of foot traffic, especially kids and pets who run around on it often, the soil is likely to be compacted.

If you’re noticing that your lawn dries out too quickly, or has a spongy feel, that might be from excess thatch that needs to be broken up.

When should I aerate my lawn?

You want to aerate your lawn while it’s actively growing and before the weather gets too hot, so the grass is most able to recover from the aeration. In California, early spring is the prime time to aerate your lawn, followed by early fall. Because not every month of the year is a good time to aerate, this is a seasonal service from ezhome, available in the spring from March to early April, and then again in October.

What results should I expect?

Aeration can truly transform your lawn. However, a few ingredients are needed for success. To see the best results, it’s vital that you have a functional irrigation system. For the first few weeks, you should water daily — ideally twice a day. If you’re not sure how well your irrigation system is working, you can get it checked around the time of the aeration.

Is aeration the right solution for my lawn?

Aeration can help any lawn by allowing the supply of valuable nutrients — but not always on its own. Lawns that will see the greatest transformation are those with patchy, dry or yellow spots. In some cases, aeration will help but will not solve your problem. If your lawn is dried out, the root cause most likely is the irrigation system. Similarly, if your lawn has multiple areas that are bare, you will need to either reseed your lawn or install new sod.

Let ezhome help you get the lawn you want with ezhome Lawn Restoration.

If you have friends or neighbors interested in aeration, invite them to join ezhome. When someone you invited purchases a service from ezhome, you’ll each get $50 in credits.

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