Not Just a Pretty Lawn


Looks matter. We want the pretty yard, the beautiful house.

But a growing number of people want that and more. They want to spend on good products and services — and also do good in the world.

ezhome is forging a new model in yard and home care that champions people, from customers to gardeners. Your support makes it all possible.


Growing Possibility

irrigation-img_9364When you hire ezhome, you rest assured that the people taking care of your home are treated fairly.

ezhome offers stable, fair wage, “green collar” careers in gardening and home services, with employee benefits unheard of in the industry, including health insurance, paid time off, and advancement opportunities.

Together we can change lives, one home at a time.

Cultivating Happiness

Your happiness and feedback is so important that it drives gardener promotions. You can rate any visit through your easy-to-use post-service report, or through your account. And soon, you’ll be able to reach us via live chat as well!

Now in Orange County!house-shutterstock_557781199

Tell your friends and family — we’re now in Orange County, California with an amazing team of gardeners and technicians!

Refer a Friend, Spread the Love


When someone you invited purchases a service from ezhome, you’ll each get $50 in credits. Also, with each referral, ezhome donates funds to our Community Outreach Program, which provides services to local non-profits and individuals in need.

Invite a friend to ezhome.

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