The Elegance of Hardwood, For Every Style and Budget

Whether you have older, distressed floors in need of refinishing to bring out their full charm, or carpets you’ve wanted to upgrade for years, a refresh is within easy reach with ezhome flooring services.

No trend has ever surpassed the timeless appeal of gleaming wood floors. Mauricio Melendez, ezhome flooring expert, takes us through the essential options.

Solid Hardwood

“Solid hardwood floors are the ultimate home investment piece,” says Mauricio. “They have a proven track record of adding to your home’s value,” he notes “and properly taken care of, they can last hundreds of years.”

They’re beautiful, durable, and each variety of wood — whether oak, maple, hickory or any number of exotic choices — gives its own distinct look to a room. Solid hardwood can be tailored to your wants and needs through your choice of wood, stains in a wide variety of tones, and finishes from matte to high gloss.

Wood floors of all kinds add warmth and elegance to every room.

Refinishing Even with worn looking floors, you’re standing on a good foundation. Sanding and restaining can have old floors that bear the scars and scratches of use looking good as new. “That’s the beauty of solid hardwood,” says Mauricio. “It lives on.”

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is real wood, but it’s manufactured with multiple layers. The way it’s constructed, layering different woods in perpendicular to each other, makes it very stable and less likely to shrink and expand with differences of humidity and temperature. That makes them well suited to any room in the house. The middle road balancing cost and durability, engineered wood can be a great solution for those who want solid hardwood, but feel that it’s a bit out of their price range.

Unlike the many decisions required with solid hardwood floors, and the time it takes to install and finish them properly, “with engineered hardwood and laminate, what you see if what you get,” Mauricio points out. And what you can get is incredibly varied.

Hardwood floors — an investment for generations, and maximum home value.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate may not be the home value enhancing investment of hardwood, but it can get you the style you want at a fraction of the cost. A synthetic material made to look like wood or stone, laminate is incredibly durable and water-resistant. It’s a great choice for high-traffic areas, like kitchens, bathrooms and play rooms, bringing style and spill resistance at a great price!

Laminate can also be a way to get everything you want style-wise without breaking your budget. Want the look of an exotic wood that’s way out of range as solid hardwood? You can have it with laminate.


About ezhome Flooring Services Solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, or laminate, ezhome has a flooring option to suit your style and budget. As with all our 50+ home services, we work hand in hand with our customers from the moment we provide a quote, to when we finish the job — communicating effectively along the way to provide a high-quality floor at a price that’s less than what you might think. Request a free quote and learn more.

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