Top 3 Reasons to Repaint Your Rooms Right Now

With ezhome’s interior painting service, getting a whole new look is easier than ever.

Sometimes, you just need a change, and nothing transforms a room like a fresh coat of paint. The path to your new look has never been easier with ezhome’s interior painting service. You decide what you want, and our pro team does all the work.

There are so many reasons to love designing with paint, but these are some of our top picks.

#1 It’s a Big Bang for the Buck

There’s no greater impact on a modest budget than the transformation paint offers. A fast few coats of paint later, and you’re waking up to a whole new room. What was dingy is bright. What was dreary is fresh. What was jarring is soft.

You don’t need lots of color to make an impact. If you like the clean minimalism of white, a fresh coat of paint will make your rooms look new. And “white” isn’t really just white. Choosing whites with warm or cool tones can create totally different atmospheres and play differently with light.

#2 You Can Have Whatever You Want

paint-shutterstock_331119938-cropSeriously. Whatever. You. Want. And how often is that true? Your imagination is the only limit.

Want a sunny kitchen? Butter yellow walls will perk up the room. Bored with your living room? Try out one of the deep blues that are popular now, and it’s got a whole new vibe.  Want to paint your bedroom a brilliant green, so it feels like you’re waking up in the jungle canopy? Do it.

Sometimes a relatively small and targeted application of color is the right amount. If you have your heart set on a really bold candy apple red or tangerine, but think a whole room is too much, try an accent wall. Or refresh the walls with a nice white, and use something bold on doors and trim for a flash of color that doesn’t overwhelm.

Fresh color can go anywhere. Try ceilings and floors…the rise of your staircase…the brickwork around your fireplace. Nothing is off limits. Remember, you can have whatever you want.

And there’s no need to contain your new palette to the inside of the house. An eye-catching front door is a great way to play — and boost curb appeal.

#3 It Doesn’t Have to Be Forever

When you start a remodel that has you knocking down walls, you’re going to be living with that for a while.

With paint, you’re committed only as long as it’s working for you.

If you go bold, and then get tired of it in a year or two, paint over it.  It’s not that hard to change (and even easier if you have ezhome do the work). You could pick an accent wall and change it twice a year. (We’ve seen it done!)

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About ezhome Painting Services Walls, floors, ceilings and more — ezhome can make your design dreams happen with our interior (and exterior) painting service. We work hand in hand with our customers from the moment we provide a quote, to when we finish the paint job — communicating effectively along the way and tailoring every detail to your specific needs to provide a high-quality paint job at a price that’s less than what you might think. Request a free quote and learn more. 

Want help with painting your rooms? ezhome can get the job done, from accent walls to full rooms, floors and ceilings. We can paint your home’s exterior too. Visit 


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