Childproofing Your Yard: Poisonous Plants To Avoid

While it may seem like a silly risk, there’s no denying that children are naturally curious and are often tempted to touch or even eat plants that they aren’t supposed to. While teaching children not to eat berries or leaves from the garden is a good first step, it’s better still to keep dangerous plants out of your yard altogether.

If you have young children, keep these plants out of your yard:


While foxglove’s columns of purple flowers make it an extremely beautiful addition to your garden, the brightly-colored flowers and berries are also very tempting for young children. Unfortunately, all parts of this plant are considered highly poisonous.



Oleander is a very popular, and tall shrub, with flowers ranging from white to pink to red, with some even apricot and yellow in color. Like foxglove, oleander is very toxic if ingested.



Also known as Angel’s Trumpet, it has elegant flowers that hang similar to bells. Datura is another plant to reconsider planting if you have young ones running about your yard, as it is fatal if consumed.

Datura (Angel’s Trumpet)

Tulips and Daffodils

These popular flowers aren’t as toxic as the other plants on this list, but they can still be problematic if ingested.


If you’re concerned about the presence of poisonous plants in your yard, visit the California Poison Control System’s complete list of toxic and non-toxic plants or speak with your ezhome gardener. By taking steps to remove potentially hazardous plants from your yard, you can keep your family safe.

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