3 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Gardener

With so many gardening services out there these days, it can be tempting to think that they’re all pretty much the same, right? Wrong! Not all gardening services are created equal, and in many cases, choosing the wrong gardener can lead to subpar service and other, more serious problems.

The list below highlights three common problems homeowners face when they hire the wrong gardener. But don’t let these problems scare you. By working with ezhome, you’ll never have to worry about these gardening problems again:

1. Gas Blower Regulations800px-leaf_blower2c_homewood_cemetery

Gas blower regulations are a big deal in the Bay Area, where many of our local municipalities have regulations in place that limit (or in some cases, entirely ban) the use of gas-powered blowers. Unfortunately, far too many gardening services fail to follow these regulations, creating a nuisance in the community. You don’t want to find yourself on the wrong end of a noise complaint – or a fine – simply because your gardeners don’t obey the laws. At ezhome, we use electric blowers when required by local regulations to ensure this won’t become a problem.

2. Cutting Costs

Sure, you don’t want to break the bank in your efforts to take care of your yard, but if a gardener’s prices sound too good to be true, they probably are. Those super low prices could be an indicator of many issues, rpexels-photo-largeanging from the use of illegal workers to not providing insurance coverage to protect homeowners from injury liability. And all too often, those cut-rate prices often result in cut-rate care for your garden, leaving your home looking worse off than it did before. At ezhome, we protect both you and our gardeners by conducting thorough background checks, as well as providing fair wages, ongoing training, and liability insurance coverage so you can get the best care possible.

3. Hard to Reachperson-woman-smartphone-calling-large

Whether you need to make a special service request or make changes to your service, few things are more annoying than not being able to contact your gardening company. A hard-to-reach service provider can make it impossible to get the customized care your garden needs. At ezhome, our intuitive interface allows you to communicate with us whenever you want via app, website, or telephone. Our team is always available to address your concerns and respond to your requests so you are always happy with your service.

When you work with ezhome, these gardening problems become a thing of the past. Find out for yourself why more and more people are choosing to work with ezhome by getting your free quote today!

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