The Best Trees for Fall Planting

Summer is quickly drawing to a close, and while you might not think that fall is the best time for making new additions to your yard, fall is actually the perfect season for planting select types of trees!

What makes fall planting so great for your trees? For starters, the cooling temperatures mean that your trees require less water (and are less likely to die from the heat), while the warm soil encourages active growth of their root system. By planting during the fall, your trees will be able to gradually adapt to warmer temperatures so they’re better equipped to survive hot conditions.

These trees are our favorite fall planting options:

1. Lemon Tree

On a hot summer day, there’s nothing better than an ice cold glass of lemonade! A healthy lemon tree can begin bearing fruit after only a few years of growth, and continues to produce more fruit as the tree matures. By planting in the fall, you’ll be able to enjoy great-tasting citrus that much sooner!

Lemon tree

2. Crepe Myrtle

While they may not give you an endless supply of lemonade, crepe myrtles are an excellent way to beautify your garden. Crepe myrtles bloom with incredible-looking flowers during the summer, and remain vibrant and leafy throughout the fall. These ornamental trees to provide a great look to your yard year-round, especially in areas with mild winters.

Crepe Myrtle

3. Japanese Maple

The Japanese Maple is another great option for fall planting, especially as this popular decorative tree is at its most vibrant with spectacular color displays during the fall. With a wide variety of leaf shapes and growth patterns, these trees offer a distinct, unique look to any garden–but by planting in the fall, you can enjoy their peak beauty right from the start.

Japanese Maple

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