Adding Mulch Will Save You Time & Money

After investing a lot of time and money into creating a beautiful home garden, adding mulch is one last necessary step to ensure your garden thrives the way it was designed to.

What is mulch, anyway?
Mulch is a protective layer of organic material that is used to cover your soil.  It can be pieces of bark, wood chips, leaf litter, grass clippings, straw, even compost or manure. Mulch is placed on top of the soil around your plants for a number of reasons and has many benefits.


Here are 5 reasons mulching will save you time and money:

  1. Mulch Saves Water
    Covering your soil with mulch seals in moisture, preventing it from being evaporated.  During hot summer months, it keeps water where you want it: in your soil bed.  You’ll water less and reduce your water bill.
  2. Mulch Retains Nutrients
    Nutrients get lost through wind and water erosion, and extensive exposure to the sun.  By adding mulch, you’ll keep more nutrients in the soil, and your plants will be happier and healthier.  This means fewer applications of fertilizer or compost to replenish your plants.
  3. Mulch Adds Nutrients
    In addition to retaining nutrients, mulch also adds nutrients to your soil.  Organic materials break down over time, and mulch is no exception. The microbes in your soil will slowly digest the mulch, turning it in to bio-available nutrients to feed your plants.
  4. Mulch Inhibits Weeds
    Blocking access to the sun, the weed seeds in the soil will have a very hard time germinating.  This is great news for you (bad news for the weeds.)  Say goodbye to hours of hand weeding or applying chemical herbicides!
  5. Mulch Looks Great
    If your garden is looking a little unkempt and you’re not sure what to do, try adding mulch.  It will freshen it up, making it look more polished and is a lot cheaper than investing in new landscaping.IMG_4458Need mulch for your garden?  ezhome can help!  Visit us at


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