3 Ways ezhome Changed My Life

Meet Beth.


Beth has been an ezhome customer for over 10 months. After being disappointed with other gardening services, she decided to give us a try and has never looked back.  Beth shares 3 ways that ezhome has changed her life for the better.


  1. More time to do what she loves.

Beth has a number of garden-related hobbies, including raising butterflies and growing lots of fruit.  When she’s in the garden, she’d rather spend time on these hobbies, not maintaining her yard.  ezhome handles the mundane chores she doesn’t enjoy (mowing, cleaning, weeding etc), so she can focus her energy on the parts that she loves.  Who couldn’t use a little more time doing what they love?



  1. Communicating with her gardener is EASY.

Your team is incredibly responsive.”

Like many of our customers, it was difficult for Beth reach her previous gardener. Now that she’s with ezhome, communication issues are a thing of the past. Beth can reach us anytime, anyway she likes.

Beth can contact an account manager who knows the details of her property; she can call, email or text anytime with questions or concerns.

She can also log into her ezhome iPhone app to make a request, send us photos of any issues in her yard, and view the reports we send after each visit, complete with before/after images.

“I feel like what you’re doing is going to raise the bar for all other gardeners.” 

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.19.57 PM.png


  1. She trusts her garden is in good hands

Beth has a special garden request – to leave the butterflies’ host plants (dill and fennel) untouched. Pruning them would decimate her butterfly colony.  Trusting that her gardeners would remember this during each visit used to be a concern of hers, but at ezhome, we’re able to note this in her account. Every time her crew arrives, they review the daily tasks in their gardening app and are immediately reminded about the butterflies.

It’s obvious that the gardeners receive a lot of training. I can 100% count on things getting done with care.”


Are you ready to try a better gardening service?  Get an instant quote & blueprint today!


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